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Sapaudia Brewing Co | Salon Alpin de la Bière

Sapaudia Brewing Co




ZAC du Plan Cruet


Sapaudia is an innovative microbrewery situated in the heart of the French Alps. Our plant’s central location in the Tarentaise Valley allows us to supply local craft beer to the world’s three largest ski areas and beyond.Independently ProducedState of the art brewing equipment helps us ensure that our beers are of the highest quality. We’ve worked hard to perfect our recipes in pursuit of the elusive perfect pint. Every litre of beer we produce has been made by us. We don’t and never will rebrand other beers and pass them off as our own. Quality IngredientsOn the face of it, beer is a simple drink comprised of four ingredients: water, grain, hops, and yeast. We only use the best suppliers and our ingredients are sourced from across Europe. The time we’ve taken to seek out these quality ingredients means the beer you enjoy is always of the highest quality. Independently DistributedIn France, the comprehensive and ruthless nature of beverage distribution networks results in overpriced mediocrity. Our independence as a brewery includes in-house distribution which removes a middleman and allows innovative, high-quality beer to be sold to stockists at a fair price.
StockistsOur beer is available mainly on tap in over a dozen great bars throughout the Savoie and Haute-Savoie. If you’re interested in stocking our beer, please contact us.


Sapaudia translates from Latin into French as ‘le pays de sapins’, the land of coniferous trees. Over the centuries, this area of Europe became known as the Savoie. An area rich in history and industry. In 1860, a rigged referendum saw the previously sovereign state of the Savoie become annexed by France.

This area has significantly shaped the lives of the founders of Sapaudia Brewing Co. For Tim Longstaff & Ash Smith, when founding the brewery, naming the company was easy. It was only right to acknowledge the huge impact this place has had on us.

Qui sommes-nous ?

L'association : "les amis du verre de houblon" Naturellement née autour de chopes de bières, l'idée de ce salon émane de parents d’élèves. Nous nous creusions les méninges pour trouver LA solution afin de récolter un peu d'argent pour financer des projets d’École.

Partager sa passion !

Quoi de plus appréciable que de partager sa passion avec le plus grand nombre et, par la même occasion, de permettre aux enfants de partir en voyages scolaires et/ou autres projets.

Solidarité et bénévolat

Toutes les personnes travaillant sur le Salon Alpin de la Bière sont bénévoles et l'ensemble des bénéfices serviront à financer des projets scolaires et/ou associations caritatives.
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